• Fleet service you can rely onKeep Your Fleet Cruising.

    If your business uses cars, trucks, or vans, you’re already aware of the expense involved in keeping them running. Beyond routine costs, your vehicles need to be in tip-top shape each and every time they hit the road, if you want to be confident that a breakdown won’t grind operations to a halt. A well-tuned Fleet Maintenance Plan is critical to any organization that uses any automobile, because an unreliable fleet can be a serious drain on your time, your image, and your bottom line.

    How much difference can Brickyard’s Fleet Program really make?

    • Reliable fleet vehicles deliver consistent performance, reducing or eliminating downtime and increasing productivity.
      • Proper maintenance increases the useful life of your vehicles, maximizing your investment and postponing replacement purchases.
      • Preventative maintenance is substantially less expensive than fix-on-fail repair.
      • Coordinated maintenance schedules take only one vehicle off the road at a time.
      • Time you currently spend on maintenance & repair logistics is freed up for more productive task.

    Whether You Have A Large Fleet or Just A Few Vehicles,
    We’ll Keep Them On The Road And Running Smooth Year ’Round.

    Brickyard understands how important it is that your vehicles can get the job done with no unexpected and costly delays, and we take our responsibility to keep your entire fleet roadworthy very seriously. We know you need to keep fleet costs under control as well, so our fleet programs are structured to provide you with consistent, budget-friendly pricing.

    If you’ve never considered your business vehicles a “fleet” before, think again! Our Small Business Fleet Maintenance & Repair Program is specifically designed for companies with small fleets of cars, trucks, or vans rated one ton and under.Contact us today to find out exactly how much time, aggravation, and money our fleet program can save your organization, starting right now!

  • Your locally owned & operated
    Brickyard Center delivers:  
    Fast Turnaround Times 

    Competitive, Structured Pricing

    Convenient Payment Terms

    Advanced Diagnostics & Equipment

    Thorough, Multi-Point Safety & Prevention Inspections

    Free Vehicle Pickup and Return

    High-Quality Products & Parts

    Priority Service/Minimum Down-time

    Computerized Vehicle Maintenance Tracking

    ASE-Certified Technicians

    ASE-Certified Service Advisors

    Full Service Facility

    For any size Fleet:
    • Medium Duty Transportation Truck
    • Construction Utility
    • Van and Delivery
    • Maintenance/Service
    • Van Transportation
    • Public Utility
    • Shuttle / Limo
    • Executive Transport